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Your data has something it wants to tell you

Based in Houston and surrounded by a multi-faceted economy with industries that all appreciate precision and quality, I'm inspired and honored to work with some of the best companies and clients anywhere. Whether you’re a nonprofit, government entity, enterprise, or small business, you have a precious resource, you have data that nobody else has. Together, we can bring insights out from that data that will give you strategic advantages and make your business thrive.

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Houston, TX


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Areas of Practice

R, Python & SQL

Let's use the best tools for the job. Data science has come a long way because of the R and Python ecosystems. SQL is a great starting place for your data, for more funky projects, there are other options. See below.

Cloud Computing & Data Warehousing

We can optimize your data storage for reporting, and leverage cloud computing infrastructure for speed and power.

D3 & a-Frame

Create web products for you or your customers to explore your data interactively on the web. Now even virtual and augmented reality are possibilities, exciting times.

operations & data management

Let's chart out how your data fits into critical paths for your business, and make sure you're collecting the right data and managing it in a useful way.

Physical data visualization

There's truly nothing like communicating your data in physical space. Give visitors the opportunity to participate in your story, leave their mark, and take away a new perspective on your organization.

organizational behavior

You want to make sure everyone on your team is aligned with common goals and communicating in a healthy way. We can diagnose problem areas and build simple models to improve team effectiveness.


In God we trust. All others must bring data.
— W. Edwards Deming,


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